Thursday, August 8, 2013

Theta Brainwave Exploration

I'm really getting into this manifestation experiment and stumbled onto this website called iGodMind! Amazing subliminal videos to help manifest specific things one desires. 

I purchased the Money Super Pack, Super Body, and Willpower. Expensive but who cares! If it works then it was worth every cent. I have nothing to lose but an ultra luxe life to gain. 

I love this! It's like creating a life a la carte. LOL!

My 1st Win!

Well, I went ahead and bought a scratch off ticket and won! In the past I have never won any lottery so I feel I've already made progress with my focus, concentration, and positivity. 

It ROCKS to be a winner! And I expect to win often and bigger amounts. I cannot wait. 

BTW regarding methods, I've been searching many LOA websites and also meditation recordings to help me get into the Theta state faster and more easily. 

I've discovered isochronic tone recordings. Haven't used what I purchased yet but am looking forward to being in that state for a considerable length of time. Let me tell you. It feels FAB!

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Experiment

I've created this blog to document my process using the basic laws of manifestation. I will be using the lottery as a tool and a gauge with how spiritually grounded I am. 

I will be using a number of methods in this experiment. 

1) Meditation
2) Affirmations
3) Movement/Dance 
4) Music
5) Letter to The Universe
6) Watching videos and reading other people's experiences

This will be extremely fun for me. 

I actually bought two lottery tickets today. And will check things out. So far, I feel extremely positive and optimistic and confident that I will win the lottery mutliple times for the rest of 2013.